" The System "

" The System "

Has been designed around a series of 6 individual rotating plate targets that is controlled by a 12/24v pre-programmed control box.

Each of the six frames faces the target plate for either a fixed pre-determined time or if selected a countdown face time, that will progressively present a quicker and faster plate to the marksman.

Typical pre- set times can be 2 seconds facing and with an interval time of say 3 sec. between each shot with a max total of 8 shots.

A typical countdown selection would be:-

1st Target = 2sec ( face time )

2nd Target = 1.75sec 

and so on, again say with a 3 sec interval between shots.

A typical fixed selection would be:-

1st Target - 8th Target = 2sec  ( face time )

Interval = 3sec.

The plates are also presented in a totally random pattern so as to keep the marksman guessing as to which plate will be presented next, some plates will be presented more than once & some not at all.!

The target frames can also be adjusted in height to further increase the variability of the layout, along with varies plate shapes and laser cut designs.

All the programming can be individually tailored to the customers needs and with certain parameters readily adjustable via the control box.