Triple Shooting Frames inclusive of backing cards.

Prices start from  £150

The LCD screen walks the range steward step by step through a pre-programmed script throughout the 4 sec automatic shooting sequence.

Once complete the system will return to manual operation for the removal and scoring of competitors cards. During manual operation the event competitors can be "Shown" a single "dry run" practice target before reverting back to automatic competition mode when required.

Quadruple target frames are also available on request and have been manufactured with great success for an increased through put of competitors at larger pony club rallies.

Use these multiple and single training targets to generate an income

for the club at local horse shows, village fetes and many other events.

Encourage club members to purchase single training systems that can be built into far larger competition units to boost club funding at these

fun shoot events.

6 off training targets can be adapted into " The system " as above

and as used at the Bristish shooting show 2013 & 14.

Competition programs are readily available for uploading into the main control boxes.


Pony Club Tetrathlon