Single Training Targets
We can now offer single stainless steel training targets for Athletes to practice at home. 3 Audible bleeps before the target presents see below.


Carry / storage holdalls.
We can also now offer carry / storage holdalls for safe transport and storage of the triple targets and tripod stands.


Tripod Stands
Each target system is supplied with a 50kg

SWL adjustable tripod stand for a firm stable setup.


Correx Backing Boards
Replacement Correx backing boards are also available to PC tetrathlon specification.

The all new PC Tetrathlon Targets, designed and manufactured in the Uk.

  • Stainless steel construction through out.
  • Bullet proof designs and robust construction.
  • Pre-programmed with Pony Club Tetrathlon competition timings.
  • Light and flexible to move and set up for competition events.
  • 25m Line of sight Radio controlled operation.
  • 12v Dc power control for enhanced safety.
  • Everything you need to run a successful PC Tetrathlon event.

Pony Club Tetrathlon Targets


" We aim to please the Athletes aim to win "

Triple target frames designed and built in the Uk. Each competition set up consists of 1 x PLC controlled " Master " frame. A number of slave units up to a max of 3 can be linked together, therefore creating 12 shooting stations in total.

Each individual  frame is linked together via 3 communication cables, now all sequenced with radio control.

Single Training Targets