The Illuminator

The Illuminator


​Super sensitive to work with Nerf Gun Darts, Catapults, Rubber tipped arrows, Airsoft, .177 / .22 pellets up to .22LR rim fire.


The size of the plates can vary again for both novice ( Dinner plate size 300mm) and experienced shooters ( 100mm )


Number of targets
Plate numbers can vary in multiples of 8 up to 16 in total


Ballistic Hits
The system can be tuned just to run single tap sequences though to multiple single, double, and triple tap random combinations.



Reactive Action Targets " RATS " pressure sensitive plates.

  • PLC controlled plates with central 12v LED lights.
  • Once started a single plate will light up at random and will remain lit until struck, before moving onto the next random plate all set against the clock.
  • 12v Dc power either from a battery or mains transformer ( Not supplied )
  • Competitions can be set against the clock for speed shooting.
  • Juniors / novice shooters can take as much time as they like just for one target before, the system moves onto the next .
  • Plenty of time to coach each shooter on different sizes of plates.
  • League table of shooters for club / corporate events.
  • Sub 6 seconds for World Record on single tap 8 targets.